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sábado, 14 de maio de 2011

Business Owners Fuel Card

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The BOB fuel card comes with fuel pricing insurance based on the national average price of fuel at the time of purchase.   It guarantees the payback at a 1 to 1 rate when the national average exceeds a set price amount.   Each 6 months the price is evaluated and a new guarantee is sent to the card holder.   For example if a card were purchased the average national price of fuel was $3.65.  Then a month later the national average price of fuel was $4.80, the account would be credited 15 cents on every gallon purchased from that point.  This would continue until the national average price returned to below the $4.65 per gallon mark.
By purchasing fuel with the Wright Express BOB card the business owner would also receive a detailed accounting of his fuel purchases which can be used for tax purposes.
A towing benefit is also part of the BOB fuel card which entitles the card holder to 1 free tow annually with a discounted 2nd tow during the twelve month period and guaranteed tow rates on any additional needed wrecker bills.   In addition all wrecker needs would be handled through a hotline number given to the cardholder.  This means that BOB card holders do not have to hunt for a wrecker; the hotline operator is responsible for supplying a certified wrecker to the scene within one hour of the call.
In the event of a card holder requiring new tires on the vehicle, a call is placed with the hot line and they are given information on where to go to purchase Michelin tires at a set discounted rate.   Each year the amount of BOB business sent to Michelin would be evaluated and a better rate could be achieved.
Through the wrecker and tire companies most vehicle maintenance is also available to the BOB card holders at a guaranteed hourly rate.
The BOB card holder is also entitled to X number of hours for consulting and court for traffic and moving violations.

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