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segunda-feira, 2 de maio de 2011

Controlling Fleet Efficiency & Fuel Prices; Fuel Cards A Key Management Tool

Managing a company fleet is a challenging job at the best of times and with petrol and diesel prices constantly increasing this challenge has mounted; becoming more stressful than ever before. Not only do fleet managers have to tackle fuel prices, they are now under growing pressure to become more eco friendly too; something which doesn’t always couple very easily with fleet management. 
There are little solutions on the market that will help reduce both the price of fuel and the environmental aspect too, a characteristic which the fuel card has over many other fleet management options.
To deal with the combined high fuel prices and environmental pressures fuel cards are on a regular basis used by fleet managers. For fuel card service suppliers the size of a fleet is generally not an issue; from one car to an entire fleet of trucks, diesel to petrol, fuel cards are looked at as an helpful management tool.
Fuel cards can supply many distinct savings with regards to fuel prices, some companies even offer assured saving plans; it is often worth getting in touch with fuel card providers to discover what they can offer you according to your individual needs.  The use of fuel cards eradicates the need to provide drivers with credit cards or cash, thus minimizing administration.
There are numerous fuel cards offered on the market and professionals choose them in accordance to their own personal need; some find coverage of forecourts the appealing factor whereas others believe price is the most crucial element. If a manager picks the card based on value they are able to see their cost on a weekly basis and it often indicates their drivers are filling up at the most reasonable fuel price available.
You may well think how can a fuel card assist the fuel efficiency and environmental considerations a fleet manager has to deal with?
For quite a few industries fuel is an intrinsic part of operations and with environmental pressures being so large the need to optimise fuel consumption in order to lower wastage is rising. A fuel card can very easily help fuel efficiency as a fuel card can provide a wealth of administration information.
Apart from limiting the amount of fuel which can be bought at any one time. The fuel card invoicing or reporting allows a manager to see how frequently a vehicle is filled with fuel; if this is more than anticipated this can be addressed to decrease wastage.  The data that is capture at the point of sale makes it possible for for a miles per gallon report to be calculated to determine how efficient a vehicle is and identify any fuel inefficiencies.
The fuel card is so much more than a card which is offered to drivers to acquire fuel. It provides limitless advantages to managing a fleet that can genuinely help tackle real and current concerns fleet managers are dealing with today.

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