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quarta-feira, 25 de maio de 2011

Fuel cards are a key weapon in managing operating costs

Fleet operators must use every tool in their armoury
to keep fuel costs under control and eliminate any
unnecessary expenditure as pump prices rise.
That’s why an increasing number of businesses
are turning to fuel cards and the euroShell card
in particular. It provides fleet decision-makers with access to
a raft of extra management report information that can be
bespoked to meet individual requirements. Therefore, Shell
is delighted to be chosen for the third year in a row as a Fleet
News Reader Recommended fuel card provider.
Issuing company car drivers and employees who drive their
own cars on business with a Shell fuel card ensures they only
use the forecourts and brands of fuel their employer wants
them to use – the euroShell card is accepted at more than
900 Shell stations and 1,800 Esso and Total forecourts with
locations accessible via a mobile phone app as well as online.
Fuel purchasing patterns and vehicle performance
garnered from fuel card reports enable fleet operators to set
individual driver/vehicle improvement targets linked to a
pre-determined MPG figure based on the manufacturer’s data
relating to the specific vehicle. Poor consumption figures will
identify costly driving habits that can be remedied through
management action.
To help fleet chiefs improve operating efficiencies Shell has
married its comprehensive fuel card management reporting
data to a journey management system that aids mileage
administration and meets HM Revenue & Customs’ reporting
Shell’s online mileage management reporting system
means that both business and private mileage can be
easily tracked, thus enabling fleet operators to even better
identify cost-saving opportunities; ease fuel and mileage
administration including driver expense claims and ensuring
compliance with the Euro6 VAT directive.
Creating personalised fuel card activity reports and
providing data on individual vehicle consumption rates are
‘must-haves’ if employers are to effectively and efficiently
manage fuel use.
Consequently, Shell Card Online enables fleet chiefs to use
a number of ‘smart settings’ to improve control over the type
of fuel purchased, fuel price and forecourts used and identify
refuelling patterns.

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