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domingo, 8 de maio de 2011

Fuel Cards

Competitive fuel prices from a range of suppliers

We offer superior fuel card management systems, which give our clients access to all the leading oil companies, rather than just one supplier. Accepted all over Australia, our fuel cards will make sure you are always on the road.

Fuel is a key component of any fleet. With Fleetcare’s fuel card your fleet will be managed to perform at the most economical rate.  Fleetcare’s fuel card management is a seamless and efficient solution that reduces direct cost with discounts and indirect costs through efficient reporting. Fleetcare’s fuel cards allow you to keep track of your running costs, while saving administration time with one single itemised tax invoice detailing all fuel purchases at the end of every month.

Benefits you'll enjoy...
Discounted fuel from Australia's largest oil companies all on just one easy Fleetcare invoice.
Driver support 24/7 from one phone number.
Access to our online service station locator and route planner. Find out more about Fleetcare Finder, click here.
Access to resources that monitor and help to reduce fuel-wasteful driving habits.
Minimise the opportunities for fraud through more accurate and clearer reporting.
Report monthly on such measures as shop purchases, high cost vehicles and actual fuel usage compared to the vehicle manufacturer's expectations.
Access to more than 4,500 fuel suppliers Australia-wide using Caltex, BP & Shell cards.
Take control of your vehicle expenses today and introduce better fuel management principals into your business using fuel cards by Fleetcare.

Want to find out more about Fleetcare Fuel Cards?
Simply click here or call 1300 655 170 and speak to one of our friendly customer service consultants.

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