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sábado, 14 de maio de 2011

Taking Prepaid Cards and Mobile Payments to the Next Level of Innovation and Profitability

Taking Prepaid Cards and Mobile Payments to the Next Level of Innovation and Profitability

Why Attend The 5th Prepaid Cards and Mobile Payments Conference?

A number of organizations are faced with demanding challenges in correlation to adapting to the continuous change within the world of prepaid cards. Significant developments concerning changes in regulations, new methodologies, and innovative technology has caused these very same companies to rethink their strategy and approach. As a prepaid leader, how do you effectively capitalize on these dynamic shifts in a familiar industry in order to take it to the next level?

Within the past few years laws have changed regarding rates and fees for closed loop cards. Important recent Acts and Amendments have significantly influenced the industry due to the fact that prepaid optimization opportunities can be derived from the new regulations.

The increasingly technology savvy world of e-commerce and mobile access has increased the number of consumers that expect 24/7 access to all of the information and products they need. Therefore, innovative merchandising and marketing methods as well as the incorporation of mobile payment technology have started to be leveraged in order to transition prepaid cards from in-store to instant accessibility.

The 5th Prepaid Cards and Mobile Payments conference will have a dual focus on prepaid cards and an exclusive co-located mobile payment day with the mobile commerce event to help you reach the next level. Book your seat today!

New Session topics will include:

The Next Level In Prepaid Cards: Integrating Card Benefits Into E-Commerce and Mobile Platforms
Staying Ahead Of The Game: Understanding Prepaid Regulatory & Compliance Trends To Advance Prepaid Card Strategy And Development
Maximizing The Value of Prepaid Cards Through Integrated Merchandising
What’s Next In Payments? Insight Into Driving Payment Innovation Through Mobile

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