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segunda-feira, 20 de junho de 2011

Hot to Get Lots of Hits on Your Video to Promote Your Business Video - w...

In this video interview, website promotion expert Jonathan Allen explains one way to shoot and distribute a video that will help promote your business. He explains that a "50 People, One Question" type of video -- mixed with Facebook and YouTube -- can generate lots of traffic to your video, and interest people in your business.

Business video tends to be dry and boring, says Allen, while the Internet is about funky and fresh. If you remix good ideas you've seen on the Internet and apply them to your business, you can produce an interesting video.

The following idea came from a romantic video, "50 People, One Question," shot on the streets of New York and London posing the question, "Where do you want to wake up tomorrow?" Then the answers were edited together to make a short video.

This could be adapted to SEO, for example, by posing the question at a trade show: "What should we do with black-hat SEO?" Then edit the answers into a brief, 3-minute video. We show a clip fro... mais

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