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domingo, 24 de julho de 2011

Fuel card management system for petrol stations

Fuel card management system for petrol stations is intended for managent and account over use of fuel cards (fleet cards) as a payment cards for gasoline, diesel and other fuels and also accompanying products at gas stations (petrol stations).
System uses modern technology POS terminal for reading of data from the fuel card, processing customer fuel cards (entering PIN code, selecting of operation type, entering customer information, etc), communication with a centralized server through build-in GSM/GPRS modem, printing of receipts.

Fuel card management system for petrol stations

Characteristics of the fuel cards management system for petrol stations:
  • Fuel card system operates in ONLINE mode - fuel card serves only as identifier, information about cardholder account is stored only in central server, which makes the system highly secured
  • Ease of operation on payment using fuel cards for fuel and accompanying products
  • GSM/GPRS communication channel between card terminal installed at petrol station and central server
  • Communication is made using a proprietary highly secured communication protocol using encryption
  • Each caldholder account can store points (money) purse and fuel purses (for prepaid fuel)
  • Detailed account of all sales using fuel cards on all petrol stations
  • Access to personal cards accounts using a standard web-browser (reception of reports on operation)
  • Possibility to set daily, weekly , monthly limits on volumes of purchased fuel using fuel cards
  • Possibility to set customer identification policies with storing various information about cardholders: vehicle number, vehicle odometer value, car model name, etc with its varification when using fuel card at petrol station
  • Possibility to organize various bonus programs using fuel cards
  • Possibility to organize various discount programs using fuel cards
  • Possibility to refill accounts of fuel cards at any petrol station

Fuel card management system for petrol stations
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Advantages from usage of a fuel cards management system for petrol stations:

For petrol station owners:
  • Reception of prepayment from customers prior to selling products - customers put money on his card (refills his account) prior to making a purchase, which means that a petrol station owner receives payment prior to selling fuel and products and can place them in a turnover (investment)
  • High efficient tool for keeping old customers and attracting new customers to petrol stations
  • Possibility to organize various discount-bonus and loyalty programs for promoting of petrol station services and improvement of customers loyalty
  • Detailed reporting about usage of fuel cards by customers on all petrol stations, reception of reports of various forms
  • Reception of various analytical information about customers of the fuel card system, tracking of the most effective petrol stations, most sold products, geography of customers
  • No need to install expensive software in a company office - all management over a fuel cards system (adjusting, reports, creating of discount and bonus programs, etc) is made using a standard web-browser
  • Possibility to organize automation of petrol station by installing on a POS terminal NaftaPOS software for petrol stations and additing to it a PTS controller over fuel dispensers and ATG systems, which allow to provide remote control over technological processes, automated measurement and commercial account at petrol stations/li>

For private individual customers:
  • Use of fuel cards allows to make payment for fuel and products in petrol station shop using a single card (no need to have cash money)
  • Participation in discount programs of petrol station using a fuel card (example: the more products are purchased (the more is total purchased amount) - the more discount for products is received)
  • Participation in bonus programs of petrol station using a fuel card (example: receive additional 1 liter of fuel for free after you purchase every 20th liter)
  • Reception of precise information about current remains on personal account at any time via a standard web-browser
  • Refilling of fuel cards on any petrol station

For customers - companies, who purchase fuel cards for their employees:
  • Centralized refilling of fuel cards for company emloyees
  • Detailed tracking of every employee card account with stating of day/time of fillings with petrol, petrol station name and location, volume of fuel filled and its cost, etc at any time via a standard web-browser
  • Possibility to set various conditions for employees at filling with petrol: requirement to fill only customer vehicle  with a number which corresponds to given customer card account, requirement to enter employee odometer value at filling with fuel, requirement to fill only a vehicle of model which corresponds to given customer card account, etc
  • Effective tool for provision of objective and independent from influence of the "human factor" information on movements of company employees, keeping tracking over possible infringemens of employees

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