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domingo, 24 de julho de 2011

Fuel Cards for Small Business

Fuel cards are not just for big businesses with large fleets. Smaller businesses can also benefit a great deal from using fuel cards. If you use a minimum of 300 litres a month and have been trading for over a year you should qualify for a fuel card.
There are a range of fuel cards on the market. When you are shopping around for a fuel card you need to find one that will best suit your needs. Do you need a fuel card that can be accepted in a wide range of locations or do you usually purchase your fuel at the same petrol station all the time? Are you looking for a fixed weekly rate fuel card or a at the pump price fuel card? These are two questions that you need to ask yourself before you can find the fuel card which will benefit your business the most.

Fixed Weekly Rate Fuel Cards

Fixed weekly rate fuel cards set a price per litre for the fuel each week. When you purchase your fuel using a fixed weekly rate fuel card you will pay the price set by the fuel card, not the price the petrol station advertises.
Because you pay a fixed weekly rate you know how much you are paying per litre and in addition to this the price set should be lower than the national average. Therefore often the price you pay will be cheaper than the pump price.
Your fuel card will tell you each week what the price is per litre. Keep an eye on this price every week. If you find the price is getting too high give your fuel card supplier a ring. Often you can negotiate a lower price. A good way to help negotiate a lower price on your fuel it to get a quote from another fuel card company, often their prices to a new customer will be much more competitive. This will give you bargaining power to get a lower price. If this fails you can always swap to another fuel card.
Some businesses have found that carrying several fuel cards is beneficial as the price you pay may vary depending on the brand of petrol station you fill up at. For example, a Total fuel card will give you a better price at Total petrol stations, but not such a favourable price at other forecourts. Therefore it may be wise to have a BP, Total and Shell card and use the corresponding card for the petrol station you are filling up at.
Some businesses will benefit from these types of fuel cards more than others. If you fill up at petrol stations on motorways a lot or petrol is expensive in your area then you will be more likely to benefit from a fixed weekly rate fuel card.

Pump Price Fuel Cards

Pump price fuel cards, as the name suggests means that you pay whatever the price at that pump. These fuel cards are ideal if you fill up a lot at supermarkets or petrol is at the cheaper end of the price range in your area.
One of the most popular at the pump price fuel cards is an Arval fuel card. These fuel cards can be used at over 8000 locations throughout the UK which is more than most other fuel cards.

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