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domingo, 24 de julho de 2011

Top Fuel Card Choices

When you have a mobile workforce or logistics firm, you know the hassle of keeping a record of costs on fuel. No matter whether it truly is about several corporation vehicles or a fleet of trucks, it becomes so hard to check if the driver just isn’t cheating on you or track the monthly consumption of fuel of one’s vehicles.
Nicely, there’s a remedy for every single challenge. You are able to have fuel cards for your vehicles to ensure that you could maintain a record with out any issue. You’ll find several varieties of fuel cards readily available for this purpose and these could be applied at all of the significant fuel stations for refilling of fuel within the vehicle.
Now, there is certainly no should carry money for petrol or diesel any much more. Also, the fuel card will probably be protected with PIN and so there’s no chance of misuse.
A number of the key fuel cards are -
Shell euroShell cards – This fuel card may be employed at 2000 internet sites which makes it extremely accessible and handy. With 15 days credit and 30 days interest totally free repayment, you are going to surely locate it a superb saving. Wholesale rates is going to be applicable for diesel although utilizing this card.
Texaco fuel card – This card is valid for 1500 web-sites all about UK. With this card, it is possible to obtain diesel, petrol or lubricants on 15 days credit with out paying any interest for 30 days. The most beneficial benefit of this fuel card is that you simply can purchase diesel at weekly wholesale costs, that is undoubtedly a lucrative provide. The 24×7 accessible accounts can assist you to in checking the usage of the card anytime and anyplace. It is possible to avail this card for no cost of price and no fees might be charged for the usage at the same time.
With this card, you may only access by way of 1500 websites that is much less in comparison to the Shell euroShell card.
UK fuel card – This card could be applied at 800 internet sites for your convenience. The weekly wholesale costs for diesels is going to be applicable with this card. It is possible to also know concerning the present or wholesale rates which may be emailed to you.
This fuel card is valid for the acquire of diesel and lubricants only. Probably the most appealing benefit with this card is that you simply can get an invoice for the total consumption together with all of the particulars like, mileage record, time, date, registration, website utilized and quantity refilled.
So, you don’t need to maintain a separate record for all these elements. The records might be tracked at any time via world-wide-web. Also, PIN protection for this card will likely be supplied in the time of buy.
You can find couple of drawbacks for this kind of card in comparison to the Shell euroShell card and Texaco card. You can’t purchase petrol with this UK card. Also, the accessible web sites are 800 and you may come across some challenge in acquiring them.

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