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domingo, 25 de dezembro de 2011

Why Keeping Your Employees Happy is Good for Marketing

Why Keeping Your Employees Happy is Good for Marketing

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20 December 2011
Adam Taylor
Spending a small amount of money on employee happiness, or tolerating some 'unproductive' times in the office can actually make your business more successful.

1) A Happy Employee Will Feel More Loyal
When your employees know that you are doing your part to make their lives better, they will have much more positive feelings towards your company. What does this mean? When crunch-time hits and you need people to work overtime your employees will be more likely to do so, as they will feel like they are repaying a favour. Happy employees are less likely to seek out another job or to take up an offer from another company. When an employee has positive feelings about your company they will go above and beyond to help the company succeed.

2) Happy Employees Are More Productive
When 5:30 comes and it is time to go home an unhappy employee will likely rush out the door, regardless of whether their work is done or not. They certainly will not go out of their way to exceed the strict duties that their job entails. When an employee enjoys their work and their workplace, they will not see it as so much of an imposition if they need to stay after hours or come in early. A great work environment has enormous impacts on employee productivity - many office providers such as Arlington Business Park Reading have realised this and incorporated it into their office space.

3) Happy Employees Work Better Together
Morale is hugely important in how well employees work, especially in group or team-based tasks. When employees are in bad moods, tempers can easily flare, leading to intra-office tensions and a poisonous environment. Happy employees are much more likely to work well together, support the other members of the team, and forge a positive, helpful and collaborative working environment.

4) Happy Employees Take Less Time Off
Stress is a major cause of employees taking unscheduled time off from work. In sever cases it can even lead to prolonged absences. Stress and unhappiness at work can also encourage employees to take more time off for colds and other minor illnesses than they might otherwise - after all, nobody wants to be in an environment that makes them feel unhappy when they are under the weather. By making your employees feel positively about their workplace you minimize absences and maximize the health and well-being of your employees.

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