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sábado, 10 de março de 2012

Video What Steve Jobs Teaches Us about Marketing - with Bryan Eisenberg

In this video interview conversion expert Bryan Eisenberg analyzes what online merchants can learn about marketing from the late Steve Jobs (1955-2011), who was a genius at maximizing the customer experience.

Some of the things Jobs taught us, says Eisenberg, were:

1. Focus on who your customers really are so that customer experience is at the forefront. An example was Apple's "Think Differently" ad campaign that helped the different thinkers identify with Apple's brand.

2. Create end-to-end solutions for the customer experience in every minute detail. Jobs had a very good intuitive sense about what the customer wanted -- and gave it to them. Apple did a lot of prototyping -- and often redid things that weren't exactly right. One example was getting enough 'click' when the white earphone were plugged into the iPod.

3. Provide instant customer gratification, like making sure batteries are charged up and ready to give you a great customer experience out of the box. Online marketers should try to give instant feedback to online users.

Bryan Eisneberg ( is a best-selling writer, speaker, and consultant on online conversion and copywriting. This interview was recorded at the SES Conference in Chicago on November 15, 2011.

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