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sexta-feira, 23 de novembro de 2012

Edenred France launches Ticket Kadéos

Edenred France launches Ticket Kadéos
Universel gift card
An innovative solution in the incentive and rewards market
Edenred has introduced Ticket Kadéos
Universel, an open-loop gift card designed for the incentive and
rewards market. Based on MasterCard’s international network, this innovative solution allows
companies to  enhance employee motivation,  improve the performance of their sales networks, build
client loyalty and drive sales promotion.
Introduced in November 2012, Ticket Kadéos
Universel is a prepaid MasterCard gift card that may be used
at 32 million merchants. Its open-loop network offers beneficiaries a vast choice of uses either online or in
stores in France and abroad.
The three-year, non-transferable card is issued in the beneficiary’s name and may be reloaded by the
company. To guarantee optimal security for the allocated funds, the Ticket Kadéos
Universel card has an
embedded PIN-protected microchip and is  activated directly by the user. Transactions  are authorized and
credit balances tracked in real-time by PrePay Solutions, an authorization platform specialized in electronic
payment systems and prepaid transaction processing, which is jointly owned by Edenred and MasterCard.
Ticket Kadéos
Universel is designed to  enhance employee  motivation,  improve sales  network
performance, build client loyalty or drive sales promotion. To strengthen the ties with the company, the
gift card may be  customized with the client’s logo and the display of dedicated visuals on the card or the
communication materials.
The use of a digital medium also enables the delivery of  a wide array of beneficiary services – card
activation, balance tracking, spending history and card cancellation – via a number of different channels:
• A dedicated website,| page 2/2
• Ticket Kadéos
iPhone and Android apps
• A text messaging service to track credit balances
• An interactive voice server accessible 24/7, for the cost of a local call in mainland France
In launching this new solution, Edenred is reaffirming its global strategy of shifting to digital media, with the goal
of having paperless solutions account for 50% of issue volume by the end of 2012 and for more than 70% by

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